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I Knew All Along / J'ai toujours su Campaign

The I Knew All Along campaign highlights a father’s sudden awareness of gender-based violence in the critical moments of having a daughter. The campaign’s key message, 'I Knew All Along', demonstrates that many men are well aware of gender inequities ‘all along’ but fail to address it until it becomes deeply personal. We are calling out to men and boys to take action now, regardless of whether they have daughters or not, to embrace and promote healthy masculinities.

The Campaign was launched during this year's 16 Days of Activism to End Gender-based Violence. The Honorable Marci Ien, Canada's Minister for Women and Gender Equality and Youth, participated in our launch and announced $600k in new funding to White Ribbon to support our Calling Men and Boys In as Allies Project.

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Uncomposed / Non composé Campaign

This multi-award winning campaign was launched in 2021 to commemorate White Ribbon’s 30 years of working towards a new vision. Uncomposed calls into men’s hearts with a powerful message: showing vulnerability is not a weakness, but a strength!

A prominent team of musical virtuosos, psychologists and scientists composed the music to help men, boys, and male-identifying folks access their emotions that they were conditioned to suppress. It provides a transformative pathway for men to increase their emotional IQ and embrace new notions of healthy masculinities.

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Men of Quality Campaign

The Toronto Maple Leafs joined efforts with White Ribbon to produce the third PSA in a series for the Men of Quality Campaign, part of our ongoing partnership to promote gender equality and end all forms of violence and discrimination.

In this year’s Men of Quality Campaign, the Toronto Maple Leafs President, Brendan Shanahan, General Manager Kyle Dubas, and players Morgan Rielly, Mitch Marner, Jason Spezza, Wayne Simmonds, and Jake Muzzin share their commitment to being good leaders, fathers, sons, and brothers.

‘In honour of Father’s Day and every day, we recognize that athletes, fathers, mentors, family members and allies can be Men of Quality who model healthy relationships while speaking out against sexism, violence, and discrimination.’

The 2022 PSA’s call to action is strong and clear: we all need to embrace our role in ending violence and discrimination in all its forms.

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Day After Day / Jour Après Jour Campaign

This multi-award-winning campaign calls on men and boys to reject gender-based violence and recognize that they can commit to change. It was released last year and promoted widely in 2022, focusing on engaging youth, women and social justice organizations, and Indigenous community members across Canada. Together, we have achieved significant impact!

Community partners across Canada answered the call to help spread awareness of the increase in domestic violence during COVID-19 and the concrete actions male-identified folks can take to promote equitable relationships. Partners shared the video and call to action with their local communities and on their social media platforms - contributing to our collective impact of challenging misogyny and all forms of discrimination.

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News stories across Canada and the globe

Activities included:

  • Engaged a 25-member bilingual youth council from 9 provinces, including MB, ON, PEI, QC, NS, SK, BC, AB, and NL, reaching 6,400 youth through 31 digital and in-person events across Canada

  • Engaged 35 social and gender-justice organizations from across Canada in a wide range of partnership activities, such as PSA development, dissemination, adaptation, and hosting youth-led events in local communities

  • Hosted a virtual meeting with The Honourable Minister of Women and Gender Equality and Youth, Marci Ien. The meeting was a unique opportunity to showcase the exciting youth-led activities across Canada to promote the campaign and inspire youth into action.

Participants reported transformative results:

"I discussed healthier masculinities with approximately 90 kids in Grades 7/8 and how we can respectfully express our emotions. We talked about harmful behaviours and toxic traits. After a short presentation from my end about White Ribbon, the students were ready to pledge never to commit, condone or remain silent about violence against girls, so they all signed a poster I made." —National Youth Council Member

Boys Don't Cry Campaign

Our “Boys Don’t Cry” video demonstrates the horrific impact when boys are socialized to adhere to rigid, out-dated gender roles. Messages such as ‘don't cry’, ‘don't be weak’, ‘don't be soft’, ‘boys will be boys’ feed into unhealthy forms of masculinity, inability to express healthy emotions, gender inequity and violence. This campaign alerts viewers to the risks associated in promoting strict gender roles and stereotypes and contrasts it with the benefit of creating healthier masculinities.

The campaign calls out to encourage boys, men and male-identifying folks to express a full range of their emotions and embrace their positive role in ending unhealthy masculinities.

The video has been watched around the world, at United Nation forums, conferences, workshops and training events.

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Songs For Murdered Sisters Campaign

This campaign tells a touching emotional story of women’s lives lost to gender-based violence. Songs for Murdered Sisters puts the audience in the shoes of a man who lost his beloved sister to gender-based violence. The emotions felt by the audience are stark; and from this emotional awakening, an internal transformation begins. It rouses deep emotions and enables the audience to individually and collectively share in the loss, sadness, grief and angst and then a resolve to end gender-based violence.

It was Canadian baritone Joshua Hopkins who sadly lost his sister, Nathalie Warmerdam, to gender-based violence. He turned his grief and immense loss to music and developed with author Margaret Atwood and composer Jake Heggie, Songs for Murdered Sisters. Joshua Hopkins and his beautiful art call out to us across the world to come together and end gender-based violence.

It’s Not Just / Ce n’est pas juste Campaign

White Ribbon joined community partners from coast-to-coast to support the development of this compelling youth-centred, gender-based violence prevention campaign, funded by Women and Gender Equality Canada. It’s Not Just is a campaign calling on youth to learn about the root causes and forms of gender-based violence, to redress stigma, and play a role in preventing it. White Ribbon led consultations with diverse groups of youth in October 2022 to learn more about the barriers, needs and opportunities for male-identifying youth to play in promoting gender equality and healthy masculinities.

Look out for exciting new campaign resources in 2023!

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