White Ribbon, Berkeley Inc.
Behind the music

A Future Free From Gender-based Violence


We engage men and boys in the prevention of gender-based violence by promoting equity and transforming attitudes, behaviours, and social norms.

We challenge and support men and boys to realize their potential to be part of the solution in ending all forms of gender-based violence.


  • Feminist and Intersectional
  • Meaningful and Inclusive Engagement
  • Balancing Evidence-base and Innovation
  • Accountability
  • Work from the Heart

Our Pledge

“I pledge never to commit, condone, or remain silent about violence against women.”

4.1k+ signatures (as of Dec 2021)

Thousands of men, boys, and folks that identify as male around the world have signed the White Ribbon pledge since our founding in 1991.

Over the 30 years, our engaging men and boys movement grew from Toronto-centred, to radiating out across the world.

So many committed folks want transformational change. They want gender equity, peace and respect for all.

Gender-based violence is sadly still a reality but we know how to end this violence.

Please help encourage other men and boys to sign by visiting the pledge site at whiteribbon.ca/pledge.

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