White Ribbon, Berkeley Inc.
Behind the music

Team + Board Members

It takes a special blend of courage, optimism, and conscience to commit your days to move the needle on systemic issues.

The people who plan, practice, promote and administer our work are prepared to rise to the challenge of ending gender-based violence. Daily. To understand it. But also to transform it.


  • Humberto Carolo
    Executive Director

  • Manoj Paul
    Director of Finance & Operations

  • Kate Bojin
    Director of Programs

  • Louise Moyer
    Director of Organizational Development

  • David Garzon
    Team Lead, Community Engagement

  • Kaoutar Kaddouri
    Community Engagement Manager

  • Esméralda Alabré
    Community Engagement Manager (Bilingual)

  • Olga Mugisha
    Community Engagement Manager (Bilingual)

  • Adam Nowaczynski
    Project Coordinator (Bilingual)

Board of Directors

White Ribbon’s Board is composed of leaders with a diverse range of experience, skills, and networks, with a shared belief that change is possible in Canada and around the world, and a passion for creating a gender-just future for all of us.

Their governance and support guide us in managing our organization, our programs, and campaigns.

  • Mona Mitchell

  • Vipin Rikhi

  • Joel Marans

  • Jeffrey Feiner
    Past Chair

  • Michael Bowe

  • Chanda CeeCee Chilanga

  • Kelly Davis

  • Ari Elkouby

  • Chris Langdon

  • Sheamus Murphy

  • Mary Pompili

  • Brendan Shanahan

  • Nadira Singh

  • Louie Surdi

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