White Ribbon, Berkeley Inc.
Behind the music
Transformative Social Change


Changing Social Norms

In collaboration with partners and donors, in 2021, we implemented new educational campaigns focused on transforming harmful gender norms and stereotypes.

Uncomposed / Non composé

Uncomposed is music made to help men express emotions. Research shows that specific attributes found in music can evoke strong emotions. With help from a team of world-renowned musical experts, scientists, and psychologists, we composed a musical score to help men connect with the emotions they’ve been socialized to suppress.

The campaign sends a powerful message: showing vulnerability is not a weakness but a strength. The campaign helps us promote healthy masculinities, emotional literacy, and gender equality.

950M+ Reach

260 News stories across Canada and the globe!

Day After Day / Jour Après Jour

With funds from Women and Gender Equality Canada and sponsorship from generous partners, Day After Day follows the story of a family in lockdown experiencing a troubling pattern of gender-based violence. Our film shows the impact of that violence by highlighting two very different stories of isolation: one of a man, trapped with complicated emotions he never really learned to articulate, and of a woman and child trapped at home with him.

72M+ Impressions through traditional + social media

141 Media stories across Canada and the globe

Boys Don't Cry

White Ribbon’s “Boys Don’t Cry” campaign draws attention to the impact of rigid gender stereotypes on boys throughout the life cycle. To create healthier masculinities, we need to encourage boys and men to express a full range of emotions and understand the positive difference they can make when they do. Efforts to eradicate gender inequality and all forms of gender-based violence require that we rethink harmful aspects of masculinity to promote healthier, peaceful, and inclusive alternatives.

50M+ earned impressions through traditional and social media.

We are grateful for the support of Bensimon Byrne, Narrative PR and their creative partners in the development of Uncomposed/Non composé, Day After Day/Jour Après Jour, and Boys Don’t Cry.

Remodelling our Masculinities

With support from the United Way of Greater Toronto, the Ontario Trillium Foundation, and the Toronto Maple Leafs, White Ribbon created a digital series featuring young social activists and community leaders to explore the topics of masculinity, equity, social justice, gender and sexual diversity, mental health, and allyship.

Be There Campaign / Soyez Là

Youth’s vulnerability to mental health, social isolation, discrimination, gender-based violence, including online exploitation, increased dramatically within the COVID-19 pandemic. With the support of the Ontario Ministry of Education, this resource offers educators, parents and youth tools to support gender-based violence survivors and youth at various intersections.

316,577 impressions

28,865 educators reached

17,640 youth reached from 2SLGBTQ+, BIPOC and diverse communities

Men of Quality

The Toronto Maple Leafs joined White Ribbon to help end gender-based violence. Together, we ask men and boys to commit to being Men of Quality. Men of Quality always stand up for gender equality. They lead by example, challenging racism, homophobia, transphobia and sexism. Men of Quality set an excellent example for young men. They encourage men to support gender equality at home and in the community and teach their children about healthy relationships and consent. Men of Quality are allies not only to the women they love but to all women.

16 days of activism