White Ribbon, Berkeley Inc.
Behind the music
Transformative Social Change


Our programs seek to transform our social landscapes by:

  • Promoting new social norms.
  • Creating safer and more inclusive workplaces and institutions.
  • Increasing knowledge, skills, changing attitudes and behaviours.

This year’s programs focussed on preventing:

  • Sexual Exploitation
  • Family Violence
  • Gender-based violence
  • Sexual harassment and violence

Together with our partners, White Ribbon’s work transforms gender and social norms.

  • Seeking Consent

  • Changing rigid gender perceptions

  • Promoting male allyship

  • Transforming unhealthy masculinities

  • Teaching healthy relationships

  • Advancing digital safety

  • Broadening gender expectations

  • Removing systemic barriers

  • Advancing self-care

  • Enhancing bystander response and intervention

  • Increasing emotional intelligence

Preventing Sexual Exploitation