White Ribbon, Berkeley Inc.
Behind the music
Transformative Social Change

Preventing Sexual Exploitation

Sexual exploitation and sex trafficking increased during the pandemic. White Ribbon created awareness and tools to address the issue by helping youth, educators, and parents understand the warning signs and know what to do to prevent exploitation.

With funding from various partners, including the Ontario Ministry of Education, Chamandy Foundation, Anonymous Foundation, Ontario Trillium Foundation, the United Way of Greater Toronto, Public Safety Canada, Women and Gender Equality Canada, and committed partners, we worked with youth, students, parents, educators, teacher’s unions and school boards across Canada (Ontario, Quebec, Manitoba, New Brunswick, British Columbia, Yukon) to:

  • Identify and challenge the root causes of sexual exploitation.
  • Increase solidarity, supports, and allyship for survivors based on empathy and kindness.
Preventing Online Sexual Exploitation Together: Engaging diverse youth, educators and parents

“Victims of sex trafficking might not even realize they are being trafficked. Sex trafficking can happen to anyone.”

Youth Participant

Engagements included

  • workshops

  • digital live events

  • lesson plans

  • social media campaigns

  • technical help

Program participants reported transformative results

100% increase in knowledge

100% enhanced skills

75% behavioural change

Preventing Family Violence